Light in a Dark Year – Reflections for Advent 2021

As the days grow shorter, we celebrate the coming of light into the world. In what has often felt like a dark and difficult year, and with uncertainty still around, we arrive in Advent looking for the light which reassures, renews and transforms.

This series of Advent reflections is an invitation to pause, find a breathing space, and reconnect with the new life at the heart of the season. It’s about noticing the glimmers of brightness in the dark, and the light which guides, consoles and illuminates.

A new audio reflection is made available for each week of Advent, on November 26th, December 3rd, 10th, 17th and 23rd to listen to in your own time (this is also available as a written text). Each one is accompanied by a selection of other reflective material including poetry, images, Scripture and music which you can return to throughout the week.

The series costs £25. Gift places (or pay-what-you-can) are available for those who might appreciate them. Any donations received will go towards making the retreat possible for others. Please email me on for more information. 

Register for Advent Reflections 2021

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