Finding Sustenance: A Quiet Day for Lent

Saturday 25th March, 10.30am-4pm, Church Centre, Christ Church, 6a Morningside Road, Edinburgh

Cost £30 (£20 concession) includes lunch

Does your cup overflow, or does it feel more often as if you’re living off scraps that fall from the table? What helps sustain us if we find ourselves in a dry and weary land, and how do we find more of what we need to nourish our journey? This Quiet Day is an invitation to take time out, to pause and drink a cup of cool water, and draw close to the One who is our constant companion.

The day will draw on a mixture of reflective approaches and creative materials including Scripture, art, poetry and music, and will include guided reflections and individual quiet time. The price includes lunch, coffee and cake.

There are gift places available for anyone who would find it hard to pay, please email for more details

The Quiet Day is designed to complement the online Lent series, The Heart’s Hunger, so people can participate in both or either one.