I Lift My Eyes

Welcome to this retreat, which is an invitation to explore how God’s character is revealed by creation. There are six parts, each with an audio reflection to listen to and further material around the same theme to read and linger with. The retreat booklet, which will be sent to you by post or by email as a PDF, has a full transcript of the audio reflections as well. The material is designed to be flexible, to use in a way that suits you, whether over six days or a longer period. It might be helpful to add a seventh “day”, a chance to rest and allow the fruits of the retreat to surface, going back to anything which has felt particularly meaningful.

Before you start, please have a look at the retreat guide which offers some helpful hints and tips, and read to the short audio introduction which sets the scene.

The photograph used to promote the retreat is by martin bennie on Unsplash (you can also see more of Martin’s work here), the music is by Purple Planet.

Part 1: I Lift My Eyes

Part 2: Do it again!

Part 3: I Am In All Things

Part 4: A Grain of Sand

Part 5: The Creator Loves Pizzazz!

Part 6: Relearning Our Place