I Lift My Eyes: Seeking God in the natural world

A complete retreat package to use at home or away
Cost £30 (includes printed booklet, available 20th June

It’s easy to go through life with our heads down, just getting through the day. This retreat is an invitation to look — really look — at what is around us. Can we read the signature of the Creator in the hills, the trees, the pattern of a bird’s feathers, the flowers in a garden? Who is the God we meet in this complex, fragile, surprising world?

I Lift My Eyes is a complete retreat package with reflections to read and listen to and other materials to linger and pray with. It can be used at your own pace in a dedicated time of retreat at home or away, or in extended times of daily reflection. The approach draws on Ignatian spirituality and other contemplative traditions, and uses art, poetry, Scripture and other reflective writing.

This retreat includes an attractive A5 booklet containing transcripts of the audio reflections and all the other print material. If you would prefer to receive the printed material as PDFs emailed to you, please indicate this on the form.

A limited number of ‘gift’ and pay-what-you-can places are available. Any additional donations will help make the retreat available for others. For more information, email info@heartinpilgrimage.org.uk.

The images used to advertise this retreat are Glenshee, Scotland, by Martin Bennie on Unsplash

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