The Craftsman

This series of reflections is an invitation to get to know God as a craftsman, the loving, attentive maker of us and of the world. To know ourselves as unique and precious works in progress, still being fashioned by God’s hands. To meet Jesus, the master-carpenter of Nazareth. And to reflect on the way of the craftsman, and the light it sheds on how we live and work in the world.

In addition to the audio reflections posted here, you will find a selection of accompanying material for each theme in the printed booklet (as well as transcripts of the audio). The material is designed to be flexible, to be used in daily reflections times or in other, more concentrated periods, as time allows. Links to extra material which might be of interest can be found on this page. If you have any questions about the retreat, please get in touch. The lead image is by SwapnIl Dwivedi on Unsplash, music is by Purple Planet.

The Craftsman Part 1: Hand Made

Extra! If you enjoy reflecting with music, you might like this beautiful song ‘God Is With Us’ by We are Bread & Wine, featuring Julia Shaw, a quote from which is in the booklet. Listen here on YouTube.

The Craftsman Part 2: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

The Craftsman Part 3: At the Potter’s House

If you’d like to read the whole essay by Edmund de Waal, which is the artist’s statement from his 2014 monograph published by Phaidon, scroll down on this link.

The Craftsman Part 4: In the Carpenter’s Workshop Wednesday 6th March

To see a full colour version of John Everett Millais’ ‘Christ in the House of His Parents’ (The Carpenter’s Workshop), visit this page. There’s also a short conversation between two art historians about the painting.

The Craftsman Part 5: The Repair Principle

If you’d like to listen to artist and writer Makoto Fujimara talking about kintsugi, check out this podcast in Mike Cosper’s series for Christianity today (Episode 11), or search for ‘Cultivated’ on your podcast app (it’s the 19/01/21 episode). He tells an amazing story about taking a broken pot from Japan to Columbine High School.

The Craftsman Part 6: The Way of the Craftsman

I found a beautiful film version of the song I shared in week 1, God Is With Us, by We Are Bread & Wine feat. Julia Shaw, which also shows a painter working over cracks with gold. Somehow it has become more important as the weeks went on! You can watch that here.