An Instinct for Kindness

Reflections Inspired by the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is a story of courage and kindness, of how situations which look impossible can be turned around, and of the underrated gift of kindness and how it might play a park in transforming our attitudes and interactions.

Please take a moment to read the introduction before you start.

The music used on this retreat comes from Zapsplat, the paintings used are by Joyce Gunn Cairns. Some of the reflections are accompanied by links to music, film clips and other information. These are not an essential part of the retreat, but you might like to explore them. I do recommend watching Auburn Sandstrom’s story (in part 5) – just 10 minutes, but so moving!

Part 1: A Small, Big Story

Note: This reflection includes the complete book of Ruth, read from the NIV

Part 2: Call Me Mara

Extra: Listen to African American poet Idris Goodwin perform his poem ‘Say My Name’ here.

Part 3: This Kindness

Extra: Listen to ‘There’s a wideness in God’s Mercy’ sung by the choir and congregation of St Mark’s Church, Maida Vale, here. And find out more about the remarkable Albert Schweitzer here.

Part 4: Open Hand, Open Heart

Part 5: Naomi has a son!

Watch Auburn Sandstrom tell her own story about the transformation kindness made possible in her life here (just 10 minutes!)