Retreat packages

The retreats on this page are packages which you can do at your own pace, over several days on a dedicated time of retreat at home or away, or more slowly in extended times of daily reflection. Each retreat features reflections to listen to and a selection of other material to dip into and linger over, including art, poetry, Scripture and other reflective writing.

You can order retreats below and pay quickly and securely using a credit or debit card, or by emailing Please allow 3 days for the material to arrive by email, or 7 days if you prefer to receive it by post. Some retreats offer a printed booklet, if you’re booking one of these please provide your address.

An Instinct for Kindness

The book of Ruth is a story of courage and kindness, of how situations which look impossible can be turned around, what it means to speak and enact blessing, and a God who would have us know abundance and fullness of life. Inspired by Ruth, this retreat looks at the underrated gift of kindness and how it might play a part in transforming our lives. (Five parts)

Cost: £30 (includes booklet p&p)

Wisdom from the Desert

In the early days of the church, the desert became a crucible for spiritual growth. This retreat draws on the wisdom of the men and women who sought the spirituality of the desert and asks how their insights continue to speak to us today. We might discover, as they often did, that what you learn in the desert is not what you expect! (Seven parts)

Cost: £30

The Heart’s Hunger

What deep longings stir beneath the ebb and flow of everyday life? This retreat is an invitation to reflect on how to hear the deepest longings or our hearts, and how they might lead us to encounter more of the God who longs for us. It explores how our longings can become stars to navigate by, and what we need to sustain and nourish us on our journey. (Seven parts)

Cost: £30

Consider the Flowers

“Not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these…” The flowers of the field offer us beauty in unexpected places, an invitation simply to be… This retreat touches on themes of resting and healing, growing and flourishing. It’s an invitation to connect with a God who wants to give us good things and asks: what is blossoming in me? (Five parts)

Cost: £25

The Five Rs: Rest, Remain, Replenish, Restore, Rebuild

This retreat is a quiet place, a breathing space, a time of reflection and reconnection with God and with ourselves. It’s an invitation to remember the value of rest, of recouping resources, to consider what it means to restore what is broken and how strength might be renewed. Developed during the pandemic, it might be particularly suited to a time when we feel we need to “recover”, in whatever context. (Five Parts)

Cost: £25


A Woman of Courage (Advent Retreat)

God’s Word comes to earth, and a young woman makes a courageous decision to be part of the story. This series of reflections follows Mary’s journey from the strange invitation, along the hard road to Bethlehem, through pain and joy, and asks what it means to nurture the Holy within ourselves. (Four parts)

Cost: £30 (includes booklet p&p)

Treasuring the Questions (Advent Retreat)

During Advent, we remember a time of strange arrivals, quiet miracles, God come to earth as an infant, and a lot of other things we don’t really understand. But that’s a bit like life, so often leaving us with more questions than answers. This retreat invites us to journey faithfully with questions, valuing the moments of light and quiet knowing, learning to trust through the days of darkness. (Five parts)

Cost: £25