Lent Retreat in Daily Life – Resources for Guides

On this page, we have brought together a selection of resources which guides might find useful. We appreciate many people will have their own resources, but also that it might be handy to have easy access to information on Ways of Praying and other material to pray with. The Ways of Praying handout is a good summary which it might be useful to pass on to participants. Other handouts cover the different approaches in more detail, and offer suggestions of Scriptures and poems. Please take time to explore and download anything which is helpful.

We are very grateful to our colleagues at Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Glasgow, for producing the guides to the different ways of praying, and for giving us permission to share them. For more information and resources, and for their programme (in person and online), visit the ISC website.

Ways of Praying

Some Suggested Materials

Finally, some suggestions for moving forward after the retreat if participants would like to explore further: