Wisdom from the Desert: A Journey through Lent

2nd March – 14th April 2022

The forty days of Lent mirror the forty days Jesus spent in the desert — a trying time, but also one in which the energy of his ministry was growing, about to be unleashed. In the early days of the church, the desert became a crucible for spiritual growth. This Lent retreat draws on the wisdom of the men and women who sought out the spirituality of the desert in these early times and asks how their insights still speak to us today. Hint: we might discover, as they often did, that what you learn in the desert is not always what you expect

This series of Lent Reflections starts on Ash Wednesday (2nd March) and runs until the middle of Easter Week. There is a guided audio reflection for each week in Lent to listen to in your own time. This will also be sent to you in written form, along with other resources which you can dip into during times of reflection throughout the week (Scripture, poetry, art, spiritual writing etc). The aim is to create flexible material which you can use in the time you have, allowing you to stay with what is standing out for you on your journey.

The Lent series costs £30. You can book and pay securely here or contact me for more payment options. A limited number of “gift” places are available for those who would appreciate them. Any donations received will go towards making the retreat available for others. Please email me on info@heartinpilgrimage.org.uk to find out more.

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